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Depression battle WON!

It comes in like a lamb barely making an impression, then bam! Whap! There is a heavy blanket thrown over everything in life.  Colors are less bright, crying is the only option and everything is piling up and things are … Continue reading

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Heart of my home

Good food, good health, good life, good blessings.  My take on cooking is that the heart of any home is the kitchen.  The kitchen can bring joy from sorrow, peace from strife, hospitality from rejection.  I find God in my … Continue reading

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Meal Pizzazz from The Kitchen Koach

    ◊    Need more pizzazz in your kitchen? ◊    Are you in need of recipes for easy preparation? ◊    How about a recipe that is quick to cook? ◊    Budget friendly recipes you ask? I have found that … Continue reading

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Healthy Homemade Fast Food Cooking

I am a “from scratch” cook and have found satisfaction in the creation of ingredients to finished on the plate.  I have friends that don’t find that kind of creating relaxing or satisfying.  In thinking about their frustration I have … Continue reading

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Menu Planning for the richest source of oxygen producing foods

Take 3 deep breaths and relax.  Breathe in slow, cleansing breaths and exhale slowly the stale, old air.  When taking breaths, life will flow richer, minds quiet and our bodies are more open to healing our bodies. Our family is … Continue reading

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