Healthy Homemade Fast Food Cooking

I am a “from scratch” cook and have found satisfaction in the creation of ingredients to finished on the plate.  I have friends that don’t find that kind of creating relaxing or satisfying.  In thinking about their frustration I have developed some creative ideas to help make their time in the kitchen just a little more relaxing.
Start by having some ideas of the things that you like to eat and want to eat.  Having a menu plan is just as important as having a financial plan.  It makes it so much easier to cook later when you are short on time your planning efforts will be rewarded.
What do you have on hand?simple pantry

Inventory what you have in the cupboards, freezer, refrigerator, basement, and garage.   Remove items that you don’t use or that are not healthy for you.

What is the meal for?

What you cook and how you cook it is going to depend on the type of cooking that you are going to be doing.  Is this a home meal, a picnic, are you traveling, or simple lunches for work.

Organizing your kitchen to serve you will pay you in the long run.

Big kitchen, little kitchen, no tools, some tools, no matter the kitchen that you have, organization is the key.   It is my philosophy that utensils are very useful when organized properly.  When organizing your kitchen be sure that all items are as close as possible to the work area where they will be used.  This saves you precious minutes that you can be spending with your family and friends.

Once you have everything in its place you are ready to start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Baking cupboard TKK

Here is a recipe to get you started.

Purchase a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  You will also find frozen egg noodles in the freezer department.  When you get home, de-bone the chicken while the noodles cook.  Add a cup of chicken stock in a saucepan then add the chicken.  Thicken with 2 Tbsp cornstarch mixed with 1/3 cup cold water.  Add to the broth and chicken and stir until thick.  Add the noodles and serve with peas or a green salad.


About TheKitchenKoach

A hard working, loving mother of 3 with over 35 years of culinary experience. Dedicated to the art of altering recipes to achieve optimal health benefits and delicious foods to eat. Kris coaches individuals and families in the discipline of effective food preparation. She consults on large scale catering projects, intimate dinner settings, and daily meal planning for families. Her many years in the food industry has equipped her with an arsenal of tips and tricks to make efficient use of the kitchen.
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