Depression battle WON!

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It comes in like a lamb barely making an impression, then bam! Whap! There is a heavy blanket thrown over everything in life.  Colors are less bright, crying is the only option and everything is piling up and things are bad, bad, bad.  This was my week and I decided to let it run its course under the watchful eye of my family and friends.
Healthy Fruits & Vegetables
It started with not eating properly or enough.  Two bowls of soup and some crackers for the whole day is not an option.  Three meals a day with snacks is what some people need to stay active, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Now that is not giving us permission to over eat, eat foods full of sugar, fat and generally all around unhealthy.  My body craves the natural health benefits of raw apples, carrots, lettuce and super foods.  Protein is a must for each meal.  Stop the sugar, it only adds to the problem and makes me mentally berate myself for indulging.

1)  So step number one is to eat healthy and often.


Sunlight is another must for optimal health.  15 minutes a day out in the sunshine or in front of a sunny window will do wonders for mental health.  I have opted to bask in the light of a tanning bed once a week to chase away the black hole of depression.  It is less expensive than pharmaceuticals and less addictive.  My bones get warmed all the way through and I am doing something to take care of myself.  

2)  Sept number two is to get out in the sunshine and feel the warmth of it on your skin and in your bones.

Music warms my aching heart when times are blackest.  I have many genres that help to bring back the light into my dark spirit.  What ever your favorite and brings back the memories of fun and laughter put them on your I- pod for times when you are wanting to remember better days.  

3)  Step number three make, an I-pod of heart lifting music.

Friends have surrounded me and let me cry and vent watching helplessly as I work through the depression.  I have friends that are connected by our Christian walk that listen when God tells them to reach out to me.  They are there for comfort and support and friendship.  Family is the circle that surrounds me as I fight through.  It is scary for them as they wonder how long it will last.  Family members cook and comfort me, making sure I am eating the healthy foods that will do combat in the battle.  Friendship

4)  Step number four, let your friends help, let your family in they can see things that you maybe don’t want to see, while holding your hand in love and friendship.

As I come out of the darkness to the light, I am finding that I am not spending enough quiet time with God, just taking care of my own self.  I have a friend that call’s it filling my bucket.  When giving to others, working, being a person in the world we sometimes forget to take the time to take care of self and our bucket gets depleted and needs to be refilled.

5)  Step number five is to take care of yourself.  By taking this step, you will be have a full bucket to give to others.
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I am back in the dance.  Live, Laugh, Love, in the Light.

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them.  For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you.  He will neither fail you nor abandon you.  Deut 31:6


About TheKitchenKoach

A hard working, loving mother of 3 with over 35 years of culinary experience. Dedicated to the art of altering recipes to achieve optimal health benefits and delicious foods to eat. Kris coaches individuals and families in the discipline of effective food preparation. She consults on large scale catering projects, intimate dinner settings, and daily meal planning for families. Her many years in the food industry has equipped her with an arsenal of tips and tricks to make efficient use of the kitchen.
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